George Rosisnanyi


Involved in the design industry since 1995, George has played an integral part in many small studios, large agencies, and also teaching various course modules at CIT. His experience ranges from creative direction, website design and development, right through to typesetting and prepress.

Working in all facets of design has enabled George to combine that experience into a strategic approach. Keeping a close eye on the processes as well as the creative angle, his focus on accurate briefings are just as important.

Mat Knobel


With  over 20 years of industry experience, Mat Knobel brings to Typeyard a wealth of industry knowledge, connections and a burning need to produce quality work that meets the clients' needs.

Mat has worked in a variety of design environments and has experience in many fields of design, ranging from information design to the quick and electric work of advertising. His experience is credible and his reputation in the industry is highly respected and he approaches his work with a positive nature, a willingness to push the envelope and delivers a product that connects with his clients' requests.